February 4, 2016

Lady Snowflake's Sanctuary

Most of the goings on are in my FB group Lady Snowflake's Sanctuary :)  SO if you would like to join go on over here 

March 17, 2013


 Coming back to designing if interested I am looking for a few new CT MEMBERS that are Scrappers to do my Previews for me when I make kits and for Members to do tutorials and make tags for me.


May 13, 2010

BNB Blog Train a little bit of May-hem♦

Here is my preview, like i've said before, i suck at making them :) but have fun with the kit :) below are the links to the rest of the girls on the train. Click the Image for my part of the train, my kit is tagger size. 800x800


Krissy's Scraps
Digital Blueprint
scraps by j0eswife
Addicted 2 Scraps
Created by Jill
Artmamas Studio
Mythical Designs
Maitri's Digital Scrap
Winters Loft
Sweet Indulgence Scraps
Designed by Stina
Tootypup scraps
Lady Snowflake's Designs <-------YOU ARE HERE
Miggins Does Scrapsville
The Cat's Meow Too
Dark Moon's Dream
Scrap Anonymous
Creative Disorder
candys Treasures
Gothic Inspirations
Designs by Nisa

April 27, 2010


Email me at
with "DND-- CT CALL"
in the title and we'll go from there.

December 18, 2009

Helping out a friend :)

Brandi a friend of mine aka Grunge & Glitter is having a sale to raise money for her daughter for Christmas.

She is selling her entire store, brand new kits, as well as her old retired kits, and her ad templates, I've used one as an example below. She is selling her store for $10.00 it is an amazing deal, and beyond worth it, especially when you think of the smile it will put on her daughters face for Christmas. Please click on the image to go to her blog, or follow the link HERE

November 26, 2009

A Happy Scrappin Divaz Christmas Blog Train for you!!

Align Center
Time for another blog train guys and gals!!

I have chosen to keep this little gift secret with a tiny bit of a hint of what is in it. ( that and my previews suck lol)
This Kit will remain here for 1 week before it is put into my stores and changed to Tagger Size with TONS more added to it.
Currently it is FULL SIZED elements and frames are in png format and the papers are in jpg format.

Below you will find all of the stops on this special blog train. Remember, to leave a comment in the chat box for me or leave a comment here to let me know what you think. Also remember to leave some love for my fellow friends/scrappers along the train.
Official Kit preview below :) it will be changed to tagger size ASAP and then added to The Scrappin Divaz Store

Scrappin Wright




Tygers Tidbits

Cathy and Ellen


Lady Snowflake

Kristi And Lynn


November 6, 2009

2 NEW Beautiful Tutorials using My Petal Pixie Collection Volume 1- Blossom Kit

Here are 2 very amazing tutorials done by 2 different very sweet, and talented women.

the first done belowYou can find this amazing tutorial HERE done by Rose.

The Second one below is done by Sassy and you can find it by clicking the Image or the link I post HERE

I am so proud of how these tags turned out :) and even more so that our amazing CT at Creative Scraps has liked my kit so much :)

thank you both ladies it gives me the motivation to continue on with the rest of the collection :)

October 16, 2009

Spooky Saturday!

Come on over and do some shopping!!

October 3, 2009

Petal Pixie Collection Volume 1- Blossom

Brand new kit!! Petal Pixie Collection Volume 1- Blossom

here is the preview :) you can find the kit HERE on sale!! I am very proud of how this kit turned out, An
d cannot wait to work on the rest of the girls in the Collection. :)

August 29, 2009

Creative Team Call and an Update

As you can see I'm having another CT Call :) recently i've been far too busy with RL and tag making as well as working on the forums to post much here and let you know what i'm up to :)

If you are interested in joining my CT to get all of my free and paid kits before anyone else sees them email me at LadySnowflake6@gmail.com
also join the forum here it's called Lady Snowflake's Sanctuary
I look forward to seeing you there.

on the forums you will get all of my tags, forum sets, tubes, scrapkits, and if you do the challenges, you have the chance to win a paid tube every month :)

Here are examples of part of 2 forum sets recently finished.

I look forward to your emails :) and hope to see you on the forums!

July 6, 2009

New Awards!!

At some point i need to post all of my awards on the side over there ----------> the ones i am posting right now is from Karen of
thank you so much sweetie i am honored :)
I will post my 6 favorite beautiful blogs here later on :) so keep an eye out

June 25, 2009

Free Starving Artist Kit

I figured since I couldn't decide on a permanent theme, etc... for my Starving Artist Collab kit, I'd offer it for free.

That and I'm a wee bit ticked off right now and if 4 certain people keep up their crap I'll be sending out alot of emails, and screenshots, etc... in the next few days so if i were you, i'd watch your back, and you know who you are. :) you wanna play dirty, well I've got emails, yahoo conversation logs, screenshots among other items to bury your ass, so i suggest you leave me the hell alone or i air out your dirty laundry right here for everyone to read. you may th
ink i'm a small little Peon and dirt on your shoe but I can assure you I know alot more people than you think i do.
i'm tired of playing nice.
Go HERE to download the kit :) it's very very large so i hope you enjoy it
and hey if ya like my creative mess, leave a comment in the nifty little box over to the right.

it has 138 elements
159 papers
60 frames i think, (i lost count about an hour ago, too tired right now)
3 posers
6 word art.

*hugs n love*

June 18, 2009

Angel on my shoulder kit

Awhile ago a friend of mine mentioned that I must have an angel on my shoulder, with everything i've gone through and am still going through, so i suggested a collab kit, to help people be aware of bone cancer. But seeing as how i left that store for personal reasons, i decided to offer my part of it here for you all :)

I hope you enjoy it :)


Click on this link to go to the download of the
Angel on my shoulder kit

May 24, 2009


i will be gone again, not sure for how long, maybe everyone will get lucky and this time i'll get to go for good woot! :)

May 23, 2009

Late Spring Cleaning

Lately a few things have come to my attention since I've been home.
1. i wish i hadn't made it home. and i really do mean that after today.
2. i've been backstabbed
3. lied to
4. treated like shit
5. realized who my real friends are and who are not.
6. loaned money to people in some stores and been backstabbed and lied to by them.
7. Am redoing my blog, and everything on it. So those of you that even come here sorry for the jumbled mess. it will be fixed when, well whenever i freaking feel like finishing it.
8. Mean people really do suck.
9. I need to not be nice to people anymore, they just take advantage of me anyway.
10. I've realized also that people that say they're your best friends, can easily be lying just to get something from you.
11. the people that you really want to listen to you, just don't care so don't bother telling them anything anyway.

i think thats it for now, unless i think of some more brain busters for you all later. i hope someone at least enjoyed their day, because today, mine sucked, BIG TIME and i realized i have alot more hate and rage in me than i thought i did :)

May 21, 2009

50% Sale at Stargazer Scraps!

Click the Stargazer Header to go to my store Or on each item you want!

Personalized Awareness Scrap Kit Service

Personalized Awareness Scrap Kit Service

Have you been looking for that perfect Awareness Scrap Kit, and can't find it? Can't find your specific Awareness topic anywhere? I will make any...
Sale: $2.50
Save: 50% off

... more info

Personalized Scrap Kit Service

Personalized Scrap Kit Service

Have you been looking for that perfect kit, and can't find it? Or, have you ever wanted specific colors of your own made into a kit for you to tag...
Sale: $1.50
Save: 50% off

... more info

Wound & Weapon Vol. 1: Lady Airah

Wound & Weapon Vol. 1: Lady Airah

This kit is Volume 1 in a series of 6 Lady Airah, is gothic nobility, with a secret, can you guess what her secret is? You'll have to wait until the...
Sale: $1.75
Save: 50% off

... more info

Will You Remember Me

Will You Remember Me

This kit is dedicated to my lost Nana, a kit made from a grandchild's love and devotion to a great inspiration in her life. Rest in peace Nana.
Sale: $1.50
Save: 50% off

... more info

Lady Snowflake's Designs Personalized Scrapkit Previews

Lady Snowflake's Designs Personalized Scrapkit Previews

I will be making your very own personalized scrap kit template/previews. A lot of stores now have the option of allowing us to use our own templates....

... more info

Heart's Persuasion

Heart's Persuasion

Here is a collaboration kit, a little bit of myself, my heart, and the loves and passions of my friends Amber, Lindsey and Tiffany, along with Jane...
Sale: $1.00
Save: 50% off

... more info

Silly Sale 55% off

A quick note to let you know about our Silly Sale!
55% Sale of lots of designers items folks!
short time ony so if anything you have had your eye on,
now is the time to come and grab it!
Designers at HC

'Love Bites'

Supplies needed for this tut are : Tube of choice , iam using the work of Cane Hoyer . You MUST have a licence to use this work. You can purchase the tubes here at http://www.mypsptubes.com/. This gorgeous scrapkit is by 'Lady Snowflake' . Its a PTU kit , and can be purchased @ her stores listed in her blogsite , which is here at http://ladysnowflake.blogspot.com/. The kit is called 'Weapon&Wound'.
Mask iam using is a freebie from a very talanted ladie called 'Vix'. You can d/l this and many more free masks here at http://www.freewebs.com/vixpsp/masks.htm.
Okies onto the tut . Open psp ( iam using @ presant the pro x2 one free trial ) , and a 600x600 white b/g image. Choose a paper from the kit and c/p onto the b/g. Now open your mask ( Layers/new mask from image) , and add to paper. Merge group.
Now take the heart frame from kit ( i choose the sliver one ) resize to 85% and c/p onto mask layer. Grab your magic wand , click inside the first part of the frame , selections/modify/expand by 10 . Choose a paper from kit and c/p this into the frame. Selections/invert/delete/select none. Move layer under the frame layer. Repeat same process for the second part of the heart frame .
Now take your tube of choice and again grab magic wand and highlight frame layer , selections/modify/expand by 10 . Move your tube into the frame layer , and place where you think it looks best. Selections/invert/delete/select none. Again move tube layer under frame .
Do same for other part of heart frame. Drop shadow frame/tube.
Choose any elements from the kit , resize to liking ( i usualy use 45%) , and drop shadow them all. Add all copyrights, and your name . Iam using a font from my psp with a drop shadow.
Ty for trying the tut .

May 14, 2009


Heres a prezzie for you hun , celebration your 'Sisters of the moon' new forum :)

May 13, 2009

'Framed In Pink'

Supplies needed for this tut : Tube of choice , iam using the work of pinuptoons. You MUST have a licence to use this work. You can buy the tubes here at http://cilm.estoreadvanced.biz/index.php?p=catalog&parent=44&pg=1. My scrapkit is a PTU one , and its called 'Hearts Persuasion'. You can this kit here at http://stargazerscraps.co.uk/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_95.
Mask is from weescotslass . Its a freebie, and you can get it here ( and many more freebies ) http://weescotslasscreations.blogspot.com/.
Ok onto the tut . Open psp and a white b/g 600x600. Choose a paper from the kit , & c/p onto the b/g. Now open your mask in psp. Go to layers and new mask layer. Add this mask to the paper and merge group.
Now go to the frames and open up the HPframe3. Resize to 85% and c/p onto mask layer.
I rotated the frame . Go to images and choose either rotate left or right . Grab magic wand , click inside frame , selections/modify/expand by 7. Choose another paper from kit and c/p into frames. Select/invert/delete/select none. Move this layer under frame.
Open your tube . Highlight frame layer again, and again use magic wand , click inside frame and c/p tube into frame. Selections/invert/delete/select none.
Do this in other side of frame also.
Choose elements from your kit , to complement your tag. Or if you wish , follow mine . Resize all elements to 45%. Add drop shadows to all.
Add copyrights , and your name. Ive used the font 'Will and grace', which can be found at Da-font.
Save tag and your done !
Ty for trying the tut .

'Past Memories'

Supplies needed for this tut are : Lady snowflakes scrapkit which is PTU , and its called
'WillYouRemeberMe'. You can purchase this kit at http://stargazerscraps.co.uk/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_95.
Mask is again one from your psp.
Ok onto tut . Open psp and a white b/g 600x600. C/p a paper from kit . Then open up your mask layer , ( go to new mask layer , and mask from image). Add this to your paper , and merge group. Now choose the element from the kit called unforgetable & resize to 85% . C/p onto mask layer . Now choose the will you remeber me round frame 2 , resize to 85% , c/p onto the layers. Grab the magic wand , and click inside the frame , go to selections/modify/expand by 7 . Choose the unforgetable element again and c/p this into the frame . Selections/invert/delete. Move this layer under the frame layer. Add any elements you like to the tag. Resize them to 45%. If you like , follow mine . If you do use a image/tube as well , remeber to add all copyrights to the tag.
Add your name , drop shadow and your done !
Ty for trying the tut .

'Angel of Love'

Supplies needed for this tut are : Tube of choice. Iam using the work of pinuptoons. You MUST have a licence to use their work . You can buy the tubes here http://cilm.estoreadvanced.biz/index.php?p=catalog&parent=44&pg=1.
The scrapkit is as used on the tag above . Gorgeous kit , and can be bought here http://www.scrappinbratz.com/shoppe/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=77&zenid=c2cf4caa63f70f050f55a976d840cfab, if you cannot find it there then please email me @ LadySnowflakesDesigns2@Gmail.com.
The mask again was on from psp.
Ok onto tut . Open up psp and a white b/g 600x600. Choose a paper from kit , and c/p onto b/g. Now choose a mask , add to paper and merge group.
Open the heart element from kit , c/p onto mask layer. Add drop shadow. Open your tube of choice , and resize to 85%. C/p onto the bottom of the heart. Add drop shadow. Choose the word art from kit and resize to 65%, c/p onto image ( at top of the heart).
Now add any elements from kit to your tag ( resize all elements to 45%).
Add all copyrights , and your name. I used a font from psp . And a white b/g and stroke width 3 .
There finished lol , save and your done !
Ty for trying the tut .

'Framed Beauty'

Supplies needed for this tut are : A tube of choice , iam using the work of JenniferJanesko. You MUST have a licence to use her work. You can buy her tubes here @ http://cilm.estoreadvanced.biz/index.php?p=catalog&parent=44&pg=1.
This beautiful scrapkit is for a very dear friend of mine called 'Farrah'. It's my part of a collab kit & called 'Hopes & Dreams made awhile back '. I think, It's sold at http://www.scrappinbratz.com/shoppe/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=77&zenid=c2cf4caa63f70f050f55a976d840cfab
If not, please email me at LadySnowflakesDesigns2@Gmail.com

The mask is one that was in my psp .
Ok onto the tut x Open psp and a white b/g image 600x600 . Choose a paper from the kit and c/p onto the b/g. Now choose your mask , add to paper , & merge group ( in layers ).
Ope the Farrah frame1 from the kit and resize to 85%. Now depending on what tube/image you are using , if you wish the frame to be @ a differant angle , go to image/rotate left. C/p the frame onto your mask layer. Grab your magic wand tool, and highlight the frame layer , click inside the frame /selections/modify/expand by 7 . Choose another paper from kit , and c/p into the frame . Selections/invert/delete/select none .
Now open up your tube . Back again to the frame layer , magic wand again, repeat process of clicking inside frame and selections/modify/expand by 7. C/p your tube into the frame , and move it to where you would like it. Then selections/invert/delete/select none .
Now choose the glitter1 element from kit , c/p onto the image. Move this behind the frame layer . Duplicate this, then image / mirror . Move thie duplicates glitter to the bottom of your frame .
Add any other elements of choice ( resize them to 45% and add drop shadow to them ).
Add all copyrights if required , and your name . Once again iam using a font in psp. I choose a white b/g then colour for name , make the stroke width to 3 , and the size of name to 72.
Save and your done !!
Ty for trying this tut .

May 1, 2009

NSD Sales!!


Sales at ALL Stores for NSD!! To visit the stores I sell at, please follow the links to the right under "I design for!"

I have a brand new kit coming out, "Called Will You Remember Me?" You won't want to miss it! And it's on SALE :)

Also! Here is our beautiful Stargazers Ad!

April 30, 2009

As if there is ever anything other than me being sick

It's starting to get a bit old, my being sick over and over cold here, pneumonia there, god knows what the next day. It's making me crazy and limiting getting any work done.

I've had two close losses in my family the past few weeks. And i am not ready to face my responsibilities right now. I apologize to those of you that send me countless emails wondering if i'm ok, where am i, etc... the answer is no.. i'm not ok, things should be different right now but it seems like everytime i finally get to the point of coming up from under the water that seems to be drowning me, something else pushes me back under. I am finally taking some good advice from someone I love with all of my heart. I'm being selfish, and i'm focusing on myself right now, I have to pull myself out of this depression on my own.

all of my love,

A song I love very much
Best I can

When I thought I had your heart to keep forever.
Now I live with how it is, nothing lasts, never.
I'm never in a place with too much time, try to leave my troubles far behind.
Everything I did, I did for you.
Now there's nothing left for me to do.
I'm never gonna fall in love again, the way I love you.

You know it's so damn hard letting go...

Standing here, holding my heart in my hands
Yes, I am...
Trying to live every day the best I can.
You know it's so damn hard letting go...of you.

Every day's a brand new start of a pain never ending.
(Never ending)
I can't erase this lonely heart that keeps on remembering.
Every day I live, I live with you, and with all the things we'll never do.
Heaven holds a place for souls like mine.
Try to leave my troubled past behind.

You know it's so damn hard letting go...

Standing here, holding my heart in my hands
Yes, I am...
Trying to live every day the best I can.
You know it's so damn hard letting go (so damn hard letting go)
You know it's so damn hard letting go...of you.

April 21, 2009

Another CT Call!!

Another CT Call!! YAY!!

Any of you that write tutorials, do blinkies, blog layouts, etc... I'm in need of more of you to join my CT. If you're interested email me also for more details than what I have below :D

You will receive all of my free and paid kits to use. And monthly you will get to pick 1 of my CU items to receive for free also.

I really really need tutorial writers in a bad way, and I need someone to help me out on certain things sometimes when I can't get to them.
I have been SOOO busy lately, that's why I need more CT members, I also need a sort of personal assistant that can help me out.

Email me at

I have 6 new kits about to come out. Also my wonderful CT head member, Dawne of Desert Bloom Designs, and amazing friend and I have joined forces and have become "Sisters of the Moon Designs"
So visit our blog, and another new forum at these links below --


Keep in mind we are under serious construction. Which is why I am in need of the help :)

Please put "CT application" in the email header so I know what it's about.

What I need from you is.

Your name:
Your Blog:
Your Designer Name (If applicable):
Familiar with any kind of forums:
Tutorial Writer:
Personal Assistant?:

Anything else about you that you would like to talk about I am open to all options, and open to more people making layouts, Blog wear and blinkies, as well as Templates, Tags only, etc... Just let me know in your email.

*hugs and love to you all*
I hope to hear from a lot of you soon!

April 16, 2009

Tons of amazing new products at Stargazers!!!

Pop on over to the Stargazer blog to see previews of ALL of the new items recently added to the store including a few updates of my own! and more to be added today =D

And here are the new items I've recently uploaded :) they're on sale right now

April 14, 2009


Having sales at all of the stores I design for!! so drop on in and have a look!

Also My bestest friend Dawne and I have combined together as designers to sell our collab kits as Sisters of the Moon Designs.

You can find us at http://sistersofthemoon1.blogspot.com/
and our forum at http://sistersofthemoon.forumotion.net/forum.htm

both are under construction so excuse the mess! :)

Also below are some other links you might be interested in! :)

XoXo Lady Snowflake

Twilight Addict? then join our group and forums

Visit my stores!!

Join my Always List to receive some of my paid kits for free, and all of my tags!

And my forums at

AND the NEW Forum!

My Fotki Site

April 10, 2009

Scrapkit Preview Templates!

Ok So....I've had alot of compliments on my new Scrapkit Preview templates. That I've created for myself and for Dawne (Desert Bloom Designs) So I've decided to offer it as a service.

You can purchase it from my blog here. Or you can find it in my stores the links are on the right under "I design for"

For now I'm offering it up for $3.00 then after the sale I will set the price back to $5.00

To purchase, send your $3.00 payment to Mellayna@gmail.com through paypal. Or you can use the Buy Now button

then once you have purchased it, you will receive the information packet.

If you need to have the packet sent to another email please specify on the paypal instructions and I will be happy to accommodate you.

Below are the examples, My kit preview, and Dawne's so you can see what I mean. Click the Images to see the bigger and more detailed pictures :)

April 8, 2009

New Tutorial using my Hearts Persuasion kit!

Thank you so much Diane, this tutorial, and tag is SOOO cute, i absolutely love it!!

and those of you that would like to purchase the kit it is on sale right now in ALL of my stores to celebrate easter, and many other things in my life right now. :)
if you would like to try this tutorial out, you can go HERE :)

April 5, 2009

Easter Sale at Stargazers!

Now a designer for Scrap it Sassy!

Yay!! Proud to announce i'm a designer for Scrap it sassy now!!

also they're having a spring cleaning sale so head on over and grab some really amazing kits!