May 21, 2009

'Love Bites'

Supplies needed for this tut are : Tube of choice , iam using the work of Cane Hoyer . You MUST have a licence to use this work. You can purchase the tubes here at This gorgeous scrapkit is by 'Lady Snowflake' . Its a PTU kit , and can be purchased @ her stores listed in her blogsite , which is here at The kit is called 'Weapon&Wound'.
Mask iam using is a freebie from a very talanted ladie called 'Vix'. You can d/l this and many more free masks here at
Okies onto the tut . Open psp ( iam using @ presant the pro x2 one free trial ) , and a 600x600 white b/g image. Choose a paper from the kit and c/p onto the b/g. Now open your mask ( Layers/new mask from image) , and add to paper. Merge group.
Now take the heart frame from kit ( i choose the sliver one ) resize to 85% and c/p onto mask layer. Grab your magic wand , click inside the first part of the frame , selections/modify/expand by 10 . Choose a paper from kit and c/p this into the frame. Selections/invert/delete/select none. Move layer under the frame layer. Repeat same process for the second part of the heart frame .
Now take your tube of choice and again grab magic wand and highlight frame layer , selections/modify/expand by 10 . Move your tube into the frame layer , and place where you think it looks best. Selections/invert/delete/select none. Again move tube layer under frame .
Do same for other part of heart frame. Drop shadow frame/tube.
Choose any elements from the kit , resize to liking ( i usualy use 45%) , and drop shadow them all. Add all copyrights, and your name . Iam using a font from my psp with a drop shadow.
Ty for trying the tut .