April 21, 2009

Another CT Call!!

Another CT Call!! YAY!!

Any of you that write tutorials, do blinkies, blog layouts, etc... I'm in need of more of you to join my CT. If you're interested email me also for more details than what I have below :D

You will receive all of my free and paid kits to use. And monthly you will get to pick 1 of my CU items to receive for free also.

I really really need tutorial writers in a bad way, and I need someone to help me out on certain things sometimes when I can't get to them.
I have been SOOO busy lately, that's why I need more CT members, I also need a sort of personal assistant that can help me out.

Email me at

I have 6 new kits about to come out. Also my wonderful CT head member, Dawne of Desert Bloom Designs, and amazing friend and I have joined forces and have become "Sisters of the Moon Designs"
So visit our blog, and another new forum at these links below --


Keep in mind we are under serious construction. Which is why I am in need of the help :)

Please put "CT application" in the email header so I know what it's about.

What I need from you is.

Your name:
Your Blog:
Your Designer Name (If applicable):
Familiar with any kind of forums:
Tutorial Writer:
Personal Assistant?:

Anything else about you that you would like to talk about I am open to all options, and open to more people making layouts, Blog wear and blinkies, as well as Templates, Tags only, etc... Just let me know in your email.

*hugs and love to you all*
I hope to hear from a lot of you soon!