May 13, 2009

'Angel of Love'

Supplies needed for this tut are : Tube of choice. Iam using the work of pinuptoons. You MUST have a licence to use their work . You can buy the tubes here
The scrapkit is as used on the tag above . Gorgeous kit , and can be bought here, if you cannot find it there then please email me @
The mask again was on from psp.
Ok onto tut . Open up psp and a white b/g 600x600. Choose a paper from kit , and c/p onto b/g. Now choose a mask , add to paper and merge group.
Open the heart element from kit , c/p onto mask layer. Add drop shadow. Open your tube of choice , and resize to 85%. C/p onto the bottom of the heart. Add drop shadow. Choose the word art from kit and resize to 65%, c/p onto image ( at top of the heart).
Now add any elements from kit to your tag ( resize all elements to 45%).
Add all copyrights , and your name. I used a font from psp . And a white b/g and stroke width 3 .
There finished lol , save and your done !
Ty for trying the tut .