May 23, 2009

Late Spring Cleaning

Lately a few things have come to my attention since I've been home.
1. i wish i hadn't made it home. and i really do mean that after today.
2. i've been backstabbed
3. lied to
4. treated like shit
5. realized who my real friends are and who are not.
6. loaned money to people in some stores and been backstabbed and lied to by them.
7. Am redoing my blog, and everything on it. So those of you that even come here sorry for the jumbled mess. it will be fixed when, well whenever i freaking feel like finishing it.
8. Mean people really do suck.
9. I need to not be nice to people anymore, they just take advantage of me anyway.
10. I've realized also that people that say they're your best friends, can easily be lying just to get something from you.
11. the people that you really want to listen to you, just don't care so don't bother telling them anything anyway.

i think thats it for now, unless i think of some more brain busters for you all later. i hope someone at least enjoyed their day, because today, mine sucked, BIG TIME and i realized i have alot more hate and rage in me than i thought i did :)