January 30, 2009

Another update :)

Ok so it's time for another update. I have joined the lucky blog train for St. Patty's day. And I am currently working on a kit to post here and in the shop as soon as I get everything settled in that department. I am very excited about the blog train, finally i will be able to contribute this time. And here is the blinkie, along with our color schemes.

You can find the rest of the info by going here.


I have also been working alot in and on the forums, www.heartspersuasion.com if you would like to join our family. ;) lots of nice and caring women there. you can also find alot of my tags there to request. I've also created an addon blog for my scrapkits when i finally start posting them. so keep an eye out for the links to those as well. And there will be alot of construction going on here in a few days to make my blog a bit prettier, and less cluttered etc.. :) and thats about it for today, i hope you are all having a marvelous day.