December 30, 2008


Well the stress of Christmas is over, now to deal with oncoming crap that I deal with daily, I've been sick since a few days before Christmas. So I've been a bit MIA. And I've been

Recently, I've also had to deal with more blood tests, leading to the fact that my thyroid has literally, stopped functioning, so they've added more meds to my list of many. In case you
aren't aware of the fact that I'm on alot of meds, maybe this picture will help.
So yeah, let's add more salt to the wounds I already have. And people wonder why I get just a little bit cranky sometimes.

On a brighter note, Anya was able to have somewhat of a great Christmas, thanks to everyone that bought my kit. :)

I have received two awards as well, from two great women in my life.
First one is a tad old *hides* I haven't had time to add it until now.
From Amber :) one of my great inspirations in life, and a very very generous friend. You can visit her blog HERE.

The next from an amazing new friend that I've made, from an absolutely insanely talented Forums that I am a member of. She herself has had a rough time of things. But her words about me... moved me greatly, I
had no idea other people could see how much I suffer, because I am generally the suffer in silence type. I am not exactly very open with my disease(s) Mainly because I do not want to seem as if I am whining. There are very few people that I have gone into depth with about what I am going through, so I do suggest going over to her blog and reading what she has written, not only what she has graciously said about me, but her life as well. You can visit her blog HERE.
Thank you for my Award Funky, it means alot to me *hugs n love*

I have also slowly but surely been working on a few scrapkits myself, and hope as soon as I get the full hang of it, and am able to sit here without feeling like I'm going to fall over and die from the pain, I will post some of them here. I've been too scared that they suck to post any of the elements etc.. that I have done on here, But hopefully I'll get the courage to start posting them here, or I'll post them on, Hearts Persuasion.
So keep an eye out here for updates :) As for now I need to leave you all, It's med time, and breakfast and coffee time.

*Hugs and Love to you all* And until then!