December 9, 2008

The Lady Snowflake Kit.

I am at a loss for words lately. Due to the caring of the online community, I am currently in tears, but for a change, not tears of pain. Tears of joy... embarrassment to my pride, but i know something had to be done. You see, Anya, my daughter, she's 10, my miracle baby, I quite literally died when I gave birth to her. When she was born, I placed her for adoption, and you would think, maybe i was cruel and heartless for doing so?

You'd be wrong.. I was raped by her father, someone I thought was a friend, turned into a monster. And so, I found a family, a kindred spirit to myself, and placed her for open adoption, those of you who do not know what that is, It means she knows that I am her mother, she knows that she is adopted, I can see her, I can be with her whenever I want to. And I feel.. I don't know how to say this, or how to be anymore, I've lived a secluded life due to my legs, after she was born, I had a baseball bat taken to me, left me for dead, broke my jaw, broke both arms, dislocated my left knee, fractured my tibia, tore my femoral artery, and broke my right leg as well, only not as badly... the hard times I have faced, I would not wish upon anyone, and the disease to follow after.. too much to take, But you need to know, that not all people are bad, as I have learned, and while maybe none of this makes any sense to you, it's my life, and has yet to make any sense to me. I know for a fact that I never deserved any of this, I deserve more than I've gotten. But I can't complain, I have Anya, she is my life. *sigh* I am not always great with words here, but those of you that do know me.. know who I am, what I was, and what I have become. And Amber... has put her time, and so much effort into making something beautiful, for the "blogger" and scrap kit world happy, not only for you, but for me too. I could never ask for another friend with such heart, and dedication, the same can be said of all of my friends.
Below I am leaving links of pictures of myself, of her, of me, i left them links in case your stomach cannot handle what they entail.

My list of bills is long and endless, the pharmacy bill alone is 1,500.00 a month to keep me here. Not to mention hospital stuff that my insurance does not cover. I can't seem to make ends meet, and I am at my wits end here. So I used my imagination, and two very dear women brought that scrap kit to life. Digital Embellishments, made her version of me. And Amber and I thought up colors, and word art, to bring together into something magical. So please head on over to her blog and enjoy it. And visit from time to time :) I'd love to talk to any of you.

and last but not least, I made a tag for Amber from my new kit. :)

Here you go love.

Click on it to see the real size :) *hugs and lots of love*

Amber's Blog for my beautiful kit!