November 28, 2008

Won 2 of the same awards :)

Now I have to pass this on to 5 people who haven't gotten this award yet ...
I received this award from MD Designs and from Bittersweet Designs both of whom are very good friends. Both have very large hearts. And Missie and I have a strong bonded friendship. Amber has done amazing things for me since I've known her.

and now to pass it on to other friends that mean the world to me. regardless if they have this award or not.

1. Tiffany - my sister with tude, my rock and my strength to keep going daily. Without her I wouldn't be here to type these words. You're my best friend, my sister, and I love you dearly.

2. Lindsey - my sister with heart. A woman that no matter what, greets me every morning with a smile, and warm hello, and a "how ya doin?" She gives me great joy every morning when I speak to her.

3. Jo - A new friend, one with a big heart, one with love for someone they have never met, and really don't know very well. I expect we will be great friends one day.

4. Angie - A woman with great inspiration, and warm heart, someone that always makes me laugh even when It feels like I have had the worst day ever.

5. Paula -- One could never hope to have a friend as great as Paula, she is insanely intelligent and amazingly creative and I love her to death.

I love you all *Hugs and love*
Not sure when I will be able to update next, My desktop is down, and I'm trying to transfer things from the main hard drive to my husbands computer gradually. Which is driving me up the wall.

Also I just HAD to share with you the newest tag made for me by one of the amazing women on my forums. I just LOVE it!!