February 27, 2009

New Blog Train and an Update!

I'm excited, I had alot of fun creating the Lucky Blog Train Freebie, which will be coming out very soon! Now we have Spring/Easter coming up! So we have ALOT of pretty colors for this time around. Here is all of the info for this blog train :) Colors and Links etc.. and click the Hippity Hop Blinkie to go to the Blog and if that doesn't work then click HERE

Now for the update. My hands are slowly but surely healing, they're still sore and hurt like a BI* * H and after I'm done updating this I am seriously going back to sleep and continuing to rest.

And the personal life hits, keep on coming. Betrayal of a friend... Which out of respect I will not go into. But I am very upset about this. As are alot of people that were/are involved.

Any of you that need to get ahold of me please feel free to email me at


Also Here are a few new things :)

Twilight Addict? then join our group and forums

Join my Always List to receive my paid kits for free, and all of my tags, This will be an exclusive group and once it has reached a certain amount of members I will close it to the public until I feel comfortable adding more people :)

And I've become a traitor and started a Fotki site
*cringe* the link is as follows