March 8, 2009

CT Call!!

I am looking for a few women to join my Creative Team
to write Tutorials using my kits
to make tags using my kits
to make layouts and Quickpages for my kits.

The Rules are as follows:
You must make at least 2 tags a month with each kit for myself, and for you.
If you are writing Tutorials, you must write at least 2 tutorials with each kit, and I'm greedy I want samples *grin*
If you are making layouts and Quickpages: You must make either blog layouts, desktop wallpapers, Quickpages, you must pick any 2 that you want, either 2 blog layouts, 2 desktop wallpapers or mix and match etc..
2 is the minimum, you can make as many as you want to.

If you are interested please Fill this out in the email

Interested in which part of the CT?:
What is your email?:
How many kits do you think you want a month?:

Any other comments or questions you have yourself?

email me at
with "Lady Snowflake's CT application" in the subject line.

and answer these questions and agree to the rules :)

Also the forum is now open -- Go here to join Lady Snowflake's Sanctuary