October 13, 2008


Thank you again Missie for my newest award *big hugs*

Missie is one of my favorite designers and one of the sweetest women I know.
I am beyond thankful for this award. I needed it, considering the depression I've been in today. This award means a lot to me, so now I must pass it on to 3 bloggers

Angie!! Yup another award for you! *hugs n love*

Another award for you :)

Hearts Persuasion - My forum designer blog, for Myself, Lindsey and Tiffany and for the amazing work thats been getting done there lately, and for how happy I am to have some of the greatest designers I know joining our forums, Paula, Angie, Amber from Bittersweet Designs. and Hopefully more of you to come.

*hugs and love to you all*
Which reminds me, Missie you need to get yer butt over there and join the forum too.